Monday, November 17, 2008

A Graphic Novel from humble beginnings

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These are some excerpts from my on-going graphic novel I decided to make when I was trying to find a way to combine my love for hockey and the creative impulse* in my head. I had a lot of fun making the graphics and photoshopping them for the hours that I was stuck in the dorm. They are posted on Battle of California a hockey blog about the Sharks, Ducks and Kings. To the Left: A Foliage Problem (Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Anaheim Ducks) Here and To the Right and Below: Fowl Play (Detroit Red Wings vs. Anaheim Ducks) Part I and II are Here. It was quite funny to me when Earl Sleek thought I was from another country because of my lack of editing skills or laziness which ever you prefer. From now on I will regularly post them here please give me some feed back it would be much appreciated. I know they can be so much better if I know what to do.

*Or lack there of.
More to come when I see fit or from a request.


Good Kyle said...

I'm working on Tonight's Game against the Blues It should be posted by Sunday.