Saturday, November 22, 2008

Casual Gamers VS Hardcore Gamers

Good Kyle would have you believe that there is almost no distinction between a Casual Gamer and a Hardcore Gamer. This statement however is completely and totally 100% untrue. Let's take a look at some games that are subject to hours of long debate.

1. Peggle: An interesting strategy game where the gamer shoots a ball at a certain amount of Pegs and attempts to knock out a certain amount of orange pegs to advance to the next level, gaining new allies and abilities as the player advances.
Good Kyle would have you believe that Peggle is a casual game. I agree with him on this sentiment however, it can also be a Hardcore Game. When one looks at the optional Player VS Computer feature and the countless Challenges only a true Hardcore Gamer would even dare to think about completing the whole game.

2.Warcraft III: A simple enough Real Time Strategy game where the player places themselves in the position of several different Heroes in an epic battle against a Plague rampaging across the Warcraft Universe.
Warcraft III, Good Kyle is under the impression that this game is strictly reserved for Casual Gamers. Easy to beat, fun to watch, definitely a good intro game, however not strictly Casual. With the different difficulty modes and optional objectives it would take a Hardcore Gamer to complete the game. And let's not forget that there is a new World of Warcraft Expansion that involves one of the main characters from this game!

3.World of Warcraft: A deeply involved Role Playing Game where the player puts themselves in the position of a member of The Horde or The Alliance, and chooses one of the many classes available and attempts to complete quests and ultimately reach level 60 (prior to the expansions)
Which brings us to World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is an intimidating game for sure, generally reserved for involved Hardcore Gamers, the two factions and multiple classes the possibilities are endless, and only the most Hardcore Gamers would even consider attempting to reach levels 60-80 (depending on which expansions you have). This game essentially has no ending.

4. Call of Duty 4: An extremely well organized First Person Shooter in which the player puts themselves in the shoes of several different elite special ops teams in an attempt to thwart Russian Radicals and Islamic Extremists from ultimately destroying the world.
This is single best First Person Shooter I have ever played, however once you have beat the game on one of the many difficulty settings, what next? Online Play. Call of Duty has the best online play I have ever experienced. Extremely well organized, extremely diverse, the combinations of levels, team play, and game modes make the game endlessly fun. However only a Hardcore Gamer would ever be able to reach one of the multiple Prestige Modes unlockable at level 55.

5.Grand Theft Auto 4: A Genre destroying third person gamer where the player puts themselves in the position of an escaped convict while he completes various missions for varying mob bosses and random low life thieves
Last but not least Grand Theft Auto 4. The only difference between a Hardcore Gamer and a Casual Gamer as far as this game is concerned is whether or not the player uses cheats. Cheating in any game can help break the monotony, however a Hardcore Gamer will always cheat on a separate account, but the cheats in Grand Theft Auto take the gameplay to a whole new level! In what other game can you unlock a helicopter and wreak havoc on unsuspecting citizens? On the downside though, the cheats on this game are so much fun that you will find it hard to not use them. What normal person wouldn't be tempted by unlimited weapons, armor, and an infinite amount of cars and helicopters?

Hopefully now you can see some of the differences between Casual Gamers and Hardcore Gamers, and you are now able to see that not all games necessarily fall under one bracket.
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