Friday, November 21, 2008


Thanks for coming back everyone. It's really nice to see that hit counter continue to rise. I guess you're wondering what this post is all about. Well I'm a big fan of Star Wars in case you hadn't gathered, and I decided to make some lightsabers for a project when I was in high school. I was inspired by a video called Ryan vs Dorkman. This first video was just an experiment to see whether or not I had the technological knowledge to create a lightsaber. Enjoy!

Another Lightsaber Fight: For this one our art accounts were being frozen so I had to persuade the Principal to reopen them. It worked.

The Force: This was my attempt at using the force effect, it turned out pretty well.

Promo: This was a promo for an episode of a monthly program a video club I was a part of put on. It was basically a compilation of everything I had experimented with.

If you enjoyed any of these and would like to know how to produce some of the effects in them you'll want to check up on our blog every few days because I'll be posting a tutorial! Just a little heads up you're going to need Adobe After Effects and some sort of video editing program.


Stefan said...

The reason ur getting hits is b/c i'm checkin' this shit a couple times a day. Some stuff isn't half bad.