Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kyle vs. Kyle: Good Kyle's Music

Kyle bags on my music a lot. My music relaxes me and sometimes pumps me up. There only one problem with Kyle's music you can't get much talking going on when you listen to it. I will give him Dream Theater since after all I showed it to him. Quite a surprise he didn't have "As I Am" that is an excellent song. Here are the Bands that I listen to on a daily basis and know a considerable amount of their songs to be a fan of them.

Bayside - Long Island, New York
I have been listening to Bayside since Sophomore year of high school. For some reason I have always connected Bayside to the High School of Zack Morris. They are the strongest band overall on this list to me everything about them rocks. Good Vocals. Good Guitars. Good Beats. Sadly their drummer died just after the album before last was released. If your interested there is a song called "Winter" by Bayside about their drummer. I strongly recommend this song if I had to choose one but it's certain not my favorite because I have never heard it live. Favorite Song: Montauk

Brand New- New York
Brand New I have been listening to them since Junior year of High School. I love the lyrics of Lacey, the singer from Brand New. I own all of their albums and they each have a different sound to them some songs with angst, some with joy. I believe Brand New is just one of those bands a lot of people would enjoy with thought. Brand New is awesome when I'm trying to be creative*. Favorite song: The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot.

Death Cab For Cutie - Washington
Death Cab For Cutie is only a recent pick up into my line since senior year of high school. I had heard their songs before but was to interested in the bands I was currently listening to. I usually willl listen to Death Cab before bed or on the car ride home. I have even got my mother to start listening to Death Cab. Favorite Song: Lack of Color

Silverstein - Ontario, Canada
Silverstein I found while looking for music from Bayside. I came across Victory Records their record label. Silverstein although a little intense(not my favorite song though) compared to most of my music but not all. Paul Koehler drumming is something of an inspiration to me. Favorite Song: My Heroine


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