Friday, November 28, 2008

Gunshots Outside Your House: Your Reaction?

What would you do in this scenario? If you heard gunshots outside your house? There are three basic options.
  1. Stay Inside: It's really none of your business anyway, and if you do happen to see something you become a witness. This is no bueno
  2. Go Outside and Investigate: It's none of your business but you're the kind of person that likes to see what's going on and pretend to be interested in other peoples' general welfare.
  3. Stay Inside but Call 911: You realize that it's none of your business, but you generally care about the person(s) who may have been hurt.
If you've spent time living in Los Angeles or anywhere these kinds of events take place the answer should be easy for you. Wait What? You're trying to see what I put down as the correct answer? You sneaky Devil, You! The correct answer is number one. Chances are the police are nearby and will have heard it. Even more likely is that there are a bunch of people in your neighborhood who would pick number two or three. Be wary of these choices. If you go outside not only do you expose yourself to gunfire and possible gang violence, you become a witness. Being a witness is no bueno in these situations. You never really saw anything, and it's going to tie up a whole lot of your time in court. Number three is almost exactly the same as number two, except you're probably not quite as nosey as number two, but the consequences are the same. Pick number one. Stay safe. Stay anonymous.
Thanks to Troy Martin at CSULA for the topic starter!


Good Kyle said...

I would do number three with the option of being anonymous. But that's just me I really haven;t been in this situation so I do really know for sure.

Stefan said...

I would totally do #2

Evil Kyle said...

you would totally get shot