Tuesday, November 25, 2008


While trying to think of a better Idea than this post, I asked John for some help.
Thanks John for this idea when you woke up.


djstustu said...
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djstustu said...

so i guess you cant use semi half cuss words here so i am goingto try again with different words i do like this site but good kyle you are such a biiiiieeeannniee baby seriously i get this feeling that the evil kyle is the id oh shiv ya im using freudian terminology the id is wat you really want in lifelike if your hungry you eat tierd you sleep where as you "good kyle" are the superego saying oh no im tierd but society wants me to stay up wat a losenge dang there is no ego between you soyou thought up a brilliant idea of creating you website to be the ego for you huh wow cuz nobody would ever think of making up a website how dare you

actually i would liketo say evil kyle rocks my short socks no homo

0.0 you just got punked i double dog dare you to do something about it "good kyle"

Good Kyle said...

We are nothing of that freudian theory. Were just messing around with Adobe but thanks for the input. Keep reading.

Evil Kyle said...

You guys should stop arguing. sure I'm awesome and good kyle is admittedly less awesome, but that doesn't mean our viewers have to point it out. Why can't we all just enjoy the hilarity that is goodkylevsevilkyle.blogspot.com?

Viagra Online said...

Chickenzilla is gonna hand us some huge eggs in order to end the global starvation.

Nice piece of work Good Kyle, however, don't get too cocky.

Anonymous said...

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